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Citizenship Justice

Civic Engagement

Language Justice

Woori Juntos offers citizenship classes in Korean for senior citizens so that they can prepare for their naturalization interviews. We also provide interpreters at no cost for senior citizens attending their interviews. Citizenship classes are currently on pause, but will resume soon.  

Achievements: Working with the Korean American Voters League, Woori Juntos organized a class for the Saturday Korean Senior School at the Korean Central Presbyterian Church of Houston in 2019. The class covered topics on gaining citizenship, preparing for the interview, and passing the civics test, several senior citizens participated in the class in their preferred language, though the class ended prematurely due to COVID-19. 

Woori Juntos seeks to build the civic participation of the Korean American and Asian American community in Houston. Woori Juntos not only translates election material into Korean but we also provide educational material to the community, so that all of our community members have access to information to make an informed decision and to participate fully in the electoral process. 


Achievements: During the 2020 Texas Primary, Woori Juntos ensured that Korean-language speakers could access and comprehend each party’s propositions. While material about national candidates and issues are generally translated into Korean by larger organizations fairly quickly, the translation of educational material on more local issues tends to get delayed. 

Because of the gap in translation services, Woori Juntos organized a series of op-eds written by second-generation Korean Americans for their parents, elders, and community members to shed light on the importance of civic participation in the Korean American community. The essays were printed in both English and Korean, and urged Korean Americans of different generations to participate in the civic process and vote. These essays ran over a five-week period in Korean newspapers, and reached over 10,000 people in Harris County.

Before Woori Juntos’ launch, in October 2020, the founding members organized an absentee ballot assistance center, an election hotline, two early voting days for Korean and Asian Americans in Fort Bend County and Harris County, and several news conferences with ethnic media outlets to inform the community about the election and the Korean American early voting days. Woori Juntos also reached 100 unique individual voters through phone banking. 

Our language justice work aims to ensure that everyone who lives here has access to necessary documents and information in the appropriate language, so they can fully participate in daily life. Woori Juntos’ language justice work has focused on translating election material and Covid-19 resources into Korean for monolingual Korean speakers.

Achievements: In 2020, Woori Juntos translated into Korean two propositions on the 2020 general election ballot ahead of the elections themselves and collaborated with Harris County Community Relations to hold trainings for volunteer translators to serve at the polls. Not only did Woori Juntos build voter engagement, the organization also raised awareness for language justice and on the importance of equal access to the election system. 

Youth Leadership Program

This 6-week program (June 20th, 2022 - July 29th, 2022) will engage 10 high school students in dialogue and action around Asian American identity, activism, and current events with a special emphasis on Who is your Community, abortion, gun control, and climate change. Then, we will come together and write an op-ed exploring one of our struggles. Through readings, guest speakers, interactive workshops, personal reflections, and group discussions, program participants will think critically about the legacies we carry, the lives we live, and the futures we will build and imagine together. 

Seniors In Action: Civic Engagement Fellowship

Our new program Seniors In Action: Woori Juntos Civic Engagement Fellowship will provide five Korean American seniors in Houston with the opportunity to engage their peers and develop and exercise their leadership. Fellows will work closely with the Woori Juntos team to develop and implement a civic engagement strategy to maximize Korean and Asian American voter turnout in Texas. Tasks and responsibilities will include:


  • Engaging with the Korean and Asian American communities through regular phone banking and canvassing in senior buildings, ethnic markets, and places of worship. 

  • Recruiting and empowering local volunteers. 

  • Conducting community outreach through contact with local businesses, churches, and institutions

  • Organizing community events and mass meetings to meet and develop relationships with community members


The 11-week fellowship program runs from August 29 - November 11 with the first week focusing on an orientation to Woori Juntos and the fellowship. Fellows will work up to 20 hours per week. 

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